A born leader, Elder E. R. Hess, Sr. is God’s example of a servant who has dedicated his life to changing the lives of others. Pastor Hess has faithfully carried with dignity, the burden of leadership for the growing family of First Pentecostal Family Worship Center. He has worked diligently and unceasingly to make a difference in the lives of others.

Pastor Hess, inspired by God, is well known as a leader, teacher, and advisor. His wisdom, fully utilized by God, is the sense of direction First Pentecostal needs. Since 1980, Pastor Hess has served as Pastor of the First Pentecostal Family Worship Center. The church has always been the center of his life. Every aspect of the ministry has it’s foundation built upon the Word of God. First Pentecostal offers an array of ministry opportunities that result in Christian growth and development. The ministry is designed to provide mental and spiritual resources for today’s living as well as a vision for the future. The ministry’s inreach efforts are comprised of numerous programs instituted under: Christian education, ministry of music, men’s and women’s fellowship and youth ministry. The ministry’s outreach efforts include: the W.F.P.M. 99.5 FM Gospel Radio Station expansion, one station in several locations; tape ministry; internet outreach ministry; and home & foreign mission.

Pastor Hess' steps are ordered and illuminated by the Lord and he has dedicated his life to inspiring individuals to achieve excellence in their spiritual and natural lives.


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